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  • Do I need a reservation to come in?
    While you don't HAVE to have a reservation with us we STRONGLY reccomend it since the only walk-in seating we have gaurenteed is seating at the bar (first come, first serve). You can always call us and ask what the availability is.
  • What is the dress code?
    This one is a bit tricky... by no means do you need to rent a tux or wear a ballgown, but please dont wear basketball shorts either... a happy mediem will do. Let's settle with "Smart Casual"
  • Do you guys have parking?
    Sadly, Charleston is plentiful in many things and one of those is NOT parking lots. We reccomend to find some street parking. Anywhere that says "Residential Parking" with an hour limit is fair game. That hour limit is for visitors.
  • Can I bring my own wine?
    Of course! We love to see new and different bottles from our own. Just a heads up, we do charge a $30/per bottle Corkage Fee.
  • Do you guys allow for larger parties?
    Of course! We would love for y'all to come in! Parties of 7+are asked to please fill out the Large Party form on the "Make A reservation" page of our website. This is due to the nature of us having a small space and the need to push multiple tables together in order to fit larger parties!
  • I canceled my reservation and got charged a cancellation charge. Why?
    Per our cancellation policy that is listed on the page of all of our reservation partners, we do have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy that results in a $25 per person charge (48 Hours for parties of 8+). Unless you have an email or text from us stating that it will be waived we cannot reserve this charge as it is for the protection of our business as well as our server's income. Some exceptions can be made by ownerships digression.
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