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Carry out and delivery menu effective March 19th


Small Plates

Grilled S.C. sweet potato rolls -10

Local goat cheese focaccia and parsley oil -12

Loaded S.C. sweet potato with tarragon, pickles & herbed yogurt-10

Roasted potatoes with shrimp butter, buttermilk & pickled garlic -11

Roasted potatoes, caper aioli, herbs and lemon-10

Charred rainbow carrots, local yogurt, peppercorns & honey -12

Salads & Sandwiches

S.C. butter beans salad, lemon tahini, EVO, charred bread-14

Roasted S.C. radish cesar, BBQ breadcrumbs, buttermilk, parmesan - 14

Heirloom rice salad, jalapeño, puffed rice, roasted root vegetable-14

Sea island red pea burger, tarragon chutney, lettuce & pickles-14

Mushroom sandwich, chickpea aioli, lettuce & tomato on focaccia-12


Fresh pasta & carrot butter, pistachio gremolata, breadcrumbs, parmesan-18

Celery, miso butter, black pepper, cured egg yoke, celery leaf salsa verde-18

House made sausage, local tomato red sauce, garlic basil oil, parmesan-19

Large Format

Short rib fried rice, Carolina Gold Rice, local vegetables 6 minute farm egg on top- 16

Baked North Carolina trout, BBQ fennel, potatoes, dill vinaigrette-25

Geechie boy grits, BBQ butter beans, S.C. cabbage slaw-15